These past few weeks have all too quickly gone by but I’ve had the chance to fill them with so many beautiful people and as a result, photographs. I love and am entirely grateful for where I am right now but the idea of where I want to one day be, I really do love so much more. So the chance for a new opportunity, a new technique to learn, I’ll covet. A few weeks ago I got to do exactly that.

I had the chance to photograph an incredible artist and lovely friend, Alisha. Alisha’s album, “Always With You” can be purchased on iTunes. She is also currently recording for her upcoming single to be released this winter. I have loved the chance to work with Alisha through this process. It’s fun to take on someone else’s vision and help cultivate and create that for them. After many pretty outfits, exchanged emails and edits, lots is being finalized.

These are just three of my favourites from the day. Alisha is gorgeous and left me with far too many to pick from. I’ll be sharing the rest to compliment the day of the single’s release. 

You can visit Alisha’s website here: and new blog here:

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